100 + Colors Name in Hindi and English | रंगों के नाम :   Colors Name in Hindi and English – Friends, in this post you have been given the list of All Colors Name in Hindi and All Colors Name in English with photos of colors. And information about the history of the color is also given.

Colors have great importance in our life. Without it life becomes dull. In ancient times people used only natural colors.

Here is a list of the names of 32 colors. Which are given in 40 Colors Name in Hindi and English with photo here. You can easily identify the colors with the help of photos.

are often seen. People remember the names of colours. But there is a problem in recognizing the colors. Questions related to colors are also asked in some competitive examinations.

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Colours Name in Hindi and English – 40 रंगों के नाम

क्र.सं.Color ImageColor Name in EnglishColours Name in Hindi
2.Black ColourBlackकाला
3.Blue ColourBlueनीला
4.Yellow ColourYellowपीला
5.Red ColourRedलाल
6.Green ColourGreenहरा
7.Pink ColourPinkगुलाबी
8.Brown ColourBrownभूरा
9.Purple ColourPurpleबैंगनी
10.Grey ColourGreyग्रे (धुमैला)
11.Orange ColourOrangeनारंगी
12.Golden ColourGoldenसुनहरा
13.Maroon ColourMaroonकरौंदिया या भूरा लाल रंग
14.Ruby ColourRubyगहरा लाल रंग
15.Navy Blue ColourNavy Blueगहरा नीला
16.Azure ColourAzureआसमानी रंग
17.Clay ColourClayमिट्टी जैसा रंग
18.Silver ColourSilverचांदी जैसा रंग
19.Beige ColourBeigeगहरा पीला
20.Bronze ColourBronzeपीतल रंग
21.Off White ColourOff Whiteधूमिल सफ़ेद
22.Metallic ColourMetallicधातुमय रंग
23.Turquoise ColourTurquoiseफ़िरोज़ा
24.Amber ColourAmberभूरा पीला रंग
25.Rust ColourRustजंग रंग
26.Grape ColourGrapeअंगूर का रंग
27.Plum ColourPlumबेर रंग
28.Mint ColourMintटकसाल रंग
29.Lime ColourLimeचूने का रंग
30.Olive ColourOliveजैतून का रंग
31.Ivory ColourIvoryहाथीदांत रंग
32.Violet ColourVioletहलके नीले रंग
34.pea greenPea greenमटर हरित
35.magentaMagentaगहरा गुलाबी रंग
36.coralCoralमूंगा रंग
37.tealTealहरे रंग की छायादार
38.mustardmustardसरसों रंग
39.wheatWheatगेहूँ रंग
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